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Unhistorical Facts, 2009

An installation that attempted to bring together what remained of an ephemeral performance work Day to Day (1974) by Aleks Danko. The performances took place at 6 locations around Sydney.


In a search for traces of the work, I drew on an artist’s book by Danko that included photographic documentation of the work. I visited the sites and made photographic and video recordings of the locations. I interviewed a small number of people who remembered the work. I located people through callouts in the SMH, Art Almanac, local free papers and the online art forum ‘the artlife’. The resulting installation brought together the research material, reproductions of the original documentation and video documentation of the locations overlaid with voiceovers of people who had seen the performances.

Image credit, image one and two: Silversalt.

Installation as part of the group exhibition Imprint at Artspace, Woolloomooloo, which was curated by Anneke Jaspers.

Review of Imprint by Chloe Wolfison

Imprint catalogue pages

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