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Anne Kay and Jane Polkinghorne

Artist Archive grew out of an interest in the vagaries of the art world, for example: which artists gain recognition for their work; what success as a visual artist is perceived to be; how an artist relates to the broader community or society; and how these ideas shift and fluctuate over time. Brief responses to questions of this kind were video recorded with 100 artists we encountered over a 4-month period. As a kind of time capsule, the work was designed to be put aside for 10 years, after which the work would be complete. The multi-monitor layout allowed visitors to move through the work, spending as much time as they chose to sample the interviews. In 2005, an accompanying work called Artist archive map used colour-coded lines and shapes to visualise connections between the artists based on their institutional, group and individual relationships. See below to download reviews of Situation at the MCA, Sydney.

Artist Archive and Artist Archive Map, 2005 - 2015

Materials: Multi-channel digital video, duration 24 hours

Situation review by Ann Finegan

Situation review by Bec Dean

Situation review by Jacqueline Milner

Essay Elvis Richardson

Essay, Russell Storer

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