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Anne Kay  /.



2003         Master of Fine Arts, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California

1999         B.A. (Honours), Visual Arts, University of Western Sydney (Nepean)

1994         Bachelor of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney


Selected Exhibitions


New Art, Wollombi Cultural Centre, Wollombi

The Parent Material, Winslow Garage, Los Angeles


Future Feminist Archive, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney

Affiliated text. Notes Towards a Future Feminist Archive, Cross Art + Books, Sydney

Wellspring, Cessnock Regional Gallery

Bookish II, Fisher Library, University of Sydney


LA Connection, Winslow Garage, Los Angeles

Selfish, Marrickville Garage, Sydney


Bookish, Marrickville Garage, Sydney

+1, Marrickville Garage, Sydney


20/20, Damien Minton Gallery, Sydney


Time and Space, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery


Imprint, Artspace, Sydney

Rising Tide: Film and Video works from the MCA Collection, Sydney, Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego

Anne Kay, Irmina van Niele, Sera Waters, artroom 5, South Australia



Figure of Plastic, Institute of Contemporary Art, Newtown, Sydney



Loose Ends, Loose Projects, Sydney



It’s a new day, Artspace, Sydney

Acquisitions 06, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Cones of Zontact, Loose Projects, Sydney



Artist Archive, Situation, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney


Junket, Instituto de Cultura de Baja California, Tijuana, Mexico

Re-group, Scott Donovan Gallery, Sydney



We've Moved, The Armory, Pasadena, California

...Landscape, Westspace, Melbourne



Whatever, The Lifestyle Channel, Scott Donovan Gallery

Modus Operandi, joint exhibition with Ryszard Dabek, Centre for Contemporary

Photography, Melbourne

Lightweight, Lime Gallery, California Institute of the Arts



Boot Camp, Block, Sydney

The Secret of Grey Walls, BlauGrau, Sydney

Caravan, elastic at Scots Church, Sydney

Vanishing Point, BlauGrau, Sydney

Gettin' Lucky, Penrith Regional Gallery, Penrith, New South Wales

Trailer Life, Blaugrau, Sydney

Trailer Life, The Cube, Canberra Contemporary Art Centre, Canberra



Conversational Portraits, Elastic Project Space, Sydney

Resident's Exhibition, 18th Street Arts Complex, Santa Monica, California

Taxi, elastic, Sydney

King's Lead Hat, BlauGrau, Sydney

Emergency Rescue, RubyAyre Gallery, Sydney

10 Day City, Gallery 19, Sydney, collaborative installation

Untitled, elastic project space, Sydney


20:20 Vision, Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney

evergreen archive, Platform2, Melbourne

S---Hot, Artspace, Sydney

Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship Exhibition, Artspace, Sydney

Oblique-The Otira Project, site-specific project, Otira, New Zealand



Visiting Pieces, collaboration with Lisa Kelly, Westspace, Melbourne

Mythopaeia II, Old Bega Hospital, Bega

Helen Lempriere Travelling Art Scholarship Exhibition, Artspace, Sydney

Pin, South, Sydney

Pillow Talk, South, Sydney



Sterile Until Opened, Artspace, Sydney



Ten Year Anniversary Show, first draft, Sydney

1+1+1+1+1=? ARDT Gallery, Sydney


The Viaduct Project, Federal Park, Annandale, Sydney

Critical Spaces, Artspace, Sydney



Floral Clock, first draft, Sydney

Home, Pendulum, Sydney

Home, Catacombs, Sydney



Untitled 93, Performance Space, Sydney



Untitled, First Draft (West), Sydney



SPI Space, Airspace, Chippendale

Word of Mouth, Performance Space, Sydney



Photographs, One Flat, Brisbane



Fairfax Photography Competitions Exhibition, Art Gallery of New South Wales


Public Art Commission

2005-6       Place as embodied time, video installation and interactive control system, Westpac Place, Kent St, Sydney


Selected Awards / Grants


Australian Post-Graduate Award


Australia Council for the Arts, New Work Grant (Elastic group)


Anne and Gordon Samstag International Travelling Scholarship



Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney


Selected Writing / Publications


Artists pages, Imprint exhibition, Column 4, Artspace, Sydney

Loose Papers: Loose Projects 2006-2007


‘Failure to Communicate,’ Conversations issue, with Josie Cavallaro, in Runway, issue 11

Artists pages, Column 1, Artspace, Sydney


‘The Copy and Paste Life,’ Runway, issue 7

Cones of Zontact Catalogue, Loose Projects


‘Don’t ask don’t tell,’ Situation catalogue, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney


Elastic Printed Project, Chapter: ‘Point of View,’ Elastic, Sydney


Reviews / Publications:


Catalogue, Future Feminist Archive, 2015, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney



Catalogue, Time and Space: Art and Artist-Run Spaces 1970 to now, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery


Robert L. Pincus, ‘Trading Places,’ San Diego Tribune, 2.4.09, p. 25

Catalogue, Rising Tide: Film and Video Works from the MCA Collection, Sydney. Museum of Contemporary Art

San Diego


Sean Lowry, ‘Monuments to Heroic Failure,’ Broadsheet, vol. 37, no.1, pp. 198- 201



B. L. Manger, “It’s a New Day,” Eyeline, no.64, p. 60

Catriona Moore and Jo Holder, ‘Woolloomooloo and the Expanded Neighbourhood of Process-driven Art Practice,’ Artspace Projects 2006, Artspace, Sydney, pp.132-150

The Artist Voice,’ DVD series 2, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney



Catalogue, MCA Collection: New Acquisitions 2006, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Elvis Richardson, ‘Communicating with the future,’ Photofile, Spring, pp. 24-7

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Artists Talks / Panel Discussions

2007          Guest speaker, Faculty of Arts/School of Letters, Art & Media, University of Sydney.

2006          Visiting artist lecture, Sydney College of the Arts

                   Acquisitions06 gallery floor talk, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

2005          Situation gallery talk, Museum of Contemporary Art

2004          Guest lecturer, Artists Talk, University of Newcastle, Faculty of Education and Art


Studio Residencies

2009          1 month Studio Residency, Artspace, Sydney

2008          4 month Studio Residency, Artspace, Sydney

2007          2 month Studio Residency, with Josie Cavallaro, Artspace, Sydney


Related Professional Activities

2009          Member of the Museum of Contemporary Art Artist Advisory Group

2008          Member of Free Association, Sydney-based group critical discussion group

2006          Co-director, Loose Projects, Sydney

                  Initiated and managed: Loose talk, artist floor talks by exhibiting artists.

2005-7      Coordinator of multidisciplinary reading group

2000-3      Co-director, Elastic Contemporary Art Projects, Chippendale, Sydney