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1000 Times, 1996

Materials: Graphite, charcoal, paint, timber

This work endeavoured to investigate the possibility of engaging with a space in a  more process orientated way. Time was spent repeatedly visiting the space and working from the space directly, taking rubbings of architectural features like the nearby toilet door (which was later framed into a reconstituted door and placed in the space). A wallpaper motif was copied (by hand) in the form of hundreds of pencil tracings, a few of which were used directly on the walls. Other tracings were used as a template for scratched patterns in coats of paint applied to the exterior surface of the window. Exhibited at ARDT Gallery, Leichhardt, as a part of the group exhibition 1+ 1+1+ 1+ 1= ?, curated by Rose Ann McGreevy and Barbara Halnan.

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