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Homilies, 1997 

Materials: wool, acrylic, found objects, suction hooks

A series of twenty small knitted works that came about through a process of repeated failures; a failure in the attempt to learn to knit and a failure in a plan for an artwork. The objects began as attempts to 'knit for buildings.' I was knitting small repair parts for the architectural flaws in the Pendulum space in the city when the show was cancelled because the space closed down. The dislocated, homeless objects took on an unintended, quasi-narrative relationship to each other. Installed impromptu in out of the way spaces in the gallery, the objects took on a dialogue with their surroundings. Exhibited in Sterile Until Opened or Damaged, UWS BA (Honours) Visual Arts exhibition, Artspace, 1997.

See review by Benjamin Genoccio 

See exhibition catalogue 

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